Free Bingo Games at New Look Bingo

images (5)At New Look Bingo you can play bingo for free and it is the most fun thing available in this online bingo site. They have two rooms especially for free bingo and funded and non funded players can play free bingo games 24/7. All you need to do is register and simply enter their free bingo rooms. They are two in number ‘Free Cash Bingo’ and ‘Free Room’ The ‘Free Cash Bingo’ room is open only for the funded players. So if you are one of those who have deposited and spent a tenner and got a whopping £60 to play with then this is the one for you. On the other hand the ‘Free Room’ is for both the funded and non funded players. Playing in these free bingo rooms is super fun. But they have a better way of letting all you bingo lovers win good cash amounts. Here’s how: All you need to do is buy free bingo tickets with as little as 1p per ticket,and once you have bought 10 such tickets New Look Bingo would give you 10 more tickets, thus increasing your chances of winning many-fold. But the crazy fun doesn’t end here as networked players can play only till 6pm whereas players who are registered with New Look Bingo can play way up till 1am.

The welcome offer in here is also quiet something with a huge £15 free simply for registering and then a £60 to play with only after depositing and spending a mere tenner. So on the first deposit New Look Bingo offers a huge 350% bonus. But apart from this there are the 2nd and 3rd deposits as well which offer a 250% and 300% bonus respectively.

Well friends, New Look Bingo has some great offers and promotions and we say you must play on this site because missing out on this was is a strict no-no. We promise you wont regret your decision and our choice. Best of luck!